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Sunday, July 8th 2012

3:13 PM

Thai preteen boys


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From: D One
Subject: CliffMickey stared into the space. He was 21 and back home for the summer. He
had much to decide about the future.As usual on the weekend the house was quiet as the folks had left early.Martha, his aunt was at the hospital nursing other people. preteen boy modelling Clyde his Uncle
played golf. "Great place to make deals" he'd say. Mickey wasn't sure any
deals had ever been made by the man.He dozed.Cliff used to walk naked from the bathroom after the early morning shower
on the weekends. They were alone as usual. His parents were working or
golfing.He didn't seem to care that Mickey was watching. In fact, he took his time
stretching, doing pushups and situps, grunting and singing quietly as if
not to wake his cousin.But he knew that Mickey watched. His cousin looked good naked. Tall, thin,
dimpled buttocks, pubed shaved into a small triangle muscled legs with
enough non nude preteenz hair to define him as male.He'd turn and face Mickey who quickly closed his eyes.Then the cock would be pressed against his forehead, cheeks, chin and
lips. "Come one Mickie boy you know you want it" he'd hiss and chuckle.Mickey would make biting actions at the penis."You know one of these days I'm gonna clamp down on that thing." he'd say
laughing at the taunting."Hell one of these days you're gonna wrap those cute lips around it, like
you want to do" Cliff would answer dancing away waving his dick.They were teenagers preteen porn top then, used to pictures preteen cheerleader kidding each other, making fun of each
other and sharing their private concerns and worries as well.Mickey had been lucky to have his Aunt and Uncle as well as his cousin
welcome him after his parents died in a car wreck many years ago.Three years older then him, Cliff had moved his bed to the other side of
his bedroom letting Mickey share everything. Already friends, they became
brothers.They spent hours talking about life, love, teachers, problems."I think I really am gay" Mickey would say as each fantasy and attraction
hinted that fact to him.
Cliff would tell him "You're just horny" or "Dont' worry about it, you're
too young to know". Cliff joined the Marines after graduation. So Mickey
saw him so little and suddenly afterwards.He stood there wearing the brown uniform litle preteens underground when Mickey received his own
diploma. And a month later came back home.This time, Mickey saw him in the dress blue uniform, resplendant with
medals. The coffin closed leaving that last memory for his sobbing Mother
and Father and Mickey.Mickey did everything he alyssa preteen could to help his Aunt and Uncle get through the
loss. They fought all the time. His Uncle disappeared for days. He
volunteered to stay at home instead of going to college to help them get
through the loss."No no top preteens Mick you go and make us proud and Cliff too" His Uncle said.He came home every holiday, worked at home during the summers and after
graduating returned home. Eventually their sadness lessened.He had insisted they leave Cliff's bed in place. Each visit home he dusted
the room, the sports trophies and tightened the sheets and blankets on
Cliff's bed. Mickey cried many times.Now it had been five years..and his cousin's memory was in place in the
room where he lay now.He awoke hearing the singing. Sitting up he wondered if there was some CD
playing, one of those he and Cliff recorded years before. He could hear his
cousin singing. Then the sound disappeared.Mickey lay down again adjusting his manhood so he could find the
comfortable position to return to sleep.Cliff's voice awoke him. The tall naked form danced into the room waving
his towel like he candid preteen upskirts used to do. He bent over, did push-ups, stretched and
smiled at Mickey.The cock pressed against his cheek, nose, forehead and lips. Mickey opened
his lips and wrapped around it, nursing, giving his cousin pleasure."It's ok man, it feels good." The words were never spoken before. Mickey
opened his eyes and saw Cliff standing there wearing Marine brown shirt and
trousers..."Your conduct was good man, keeping the folks together, thanks man." It was
Cliff.Mickey's throat felt swollen he couldn't speak the words let alone find
words to speak.Then Cliff was in his Dress Blue Marine uniform covered with the colorful
array of medals Mickey had first seen him wear in the coffin."You did real good, now it's time you live your own life, be who you are,
find love, make me proud Cuz."Mickey blinked and in that instant Cliff was gone. He cried again clutching
his pillow replacing the brother's chest he had clung to now and then over
the years."Honey where did you get that?" His Aunt asked as he packed for graduate
school. The summer had ended. His Aunt and Uncle nodded when he told them
of his plans.He had discussed it before, so it was no surprise and they knew he would
leave sooner or later."Uh don't know I just found it" he said holding the red battle ribbon with
white stripes."It's a good conduct medal," his Uncle said looking at it. nudist preteen asian "Cliff had one,"
he said.Mickey had found it on the floor where the image of Cliff stood that
memorable day. He clutched it letting the metal clasp indent the palm of
his hand."Thanks, man," he said to the cousin who would always be there.And Mickey began his life.
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Sunday, July 8th 2012

12:00 AM

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